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I want to wish @jessicasinxoxo of the @bluebirdpinups a very Happy Birthday!!
Cheers to more years you gorgeous woman πŸ˜„πŸ‘

Summer Release Photo Session with the beautiful Kristine

Are you ready for the weekend? Don’t forget to pack your Pattern Tee for your next get away. If you don’t have one, they are fully stocked online now!
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Rockin a throw back design at work today. I used to sell this design about 3 or 4 years ago, it was called “100,50,25” and referenced the going price of Native “Redskins”.
I don’t sell this tee anymore but I’m so glad to see the fight of changing mascots continuing.
Society wants to think of Natives as non-human or non existent and this stereotyping and misappropriation is being taught and passed down to younger generations. Building a respect and acknowledgement of Native people and culture is a step towards progression in fixing the many problems within our community. There is no debate here. I’m proud to be Indigenous today and everyday!
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Check out the beautiful @hollyhannah__ in our new Aqua blended “Don’t Trend On Me” vneck tees. These are a special print released online today! I made one of each size S-XL. Jump online and get yours now
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Check out the feature of OXDX in the June issue of Native Max Magazine. The issue dropped this Friday, you can view the magazine online here:
or you can buy yourself a hard copy. There are some never before seen items and designs in this feature, all taken by Roshan Photography. My models looked great! I’m super proud of how everything came out.

The Maroon Tie Dye Pattern tees are keen for your summer look.
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