Jared in action! This was me jokin around with a customer at my booth set up in Santa Fe. I love that person to person interaction when I’m selling, there’s so many interesting people out there!
Where should we set up next??

Here’s a few happy customers from this past weekend in Santa Fe!
Dropped 3 new designs that killed, can’t wait to premiere them online in October!

Yesterday’s event was so great! I’m blessed to know these creative and motivated people.
Now time to prepare for the fashion show on Saturday. If you are in Santa Fe, come around the Rail Yard at 11 am Saturday morning for a chance to catch OXDX in the Prismatic Fashion Show. Meet and greet and booth set up will take place after the show!

The gorgeous @trinasecody modeling the brand new Code Talker print at the event tonight! Come thru if you are in Santa Fe - the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts (at Museum of Contemporary Native Arts)

Happening right now! Check out this beautiful model we dressed in my Pattern Maxi Dress- also wearing The Soft Museum. Come around now at the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts. (at Museum of Contemporary Native Arts)

Friends and supporters!
I was asked to take part in this awesome event goin down this coming Thursday. I will have an exhibitors booth with special prints, hand painted items, and more. Come thru if you’re in the area πŸ˜„πŸ‘
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I’m honored to be a part of this great event hosted by @indigefam in Santa Fe during the Indian Market! Prismatic will be showcasing mad Native talent with two fashion shows, one on Friday and one Saturday during art market weekend. Native Fashion Designers showcasing include @kristendorseydesigns @byellowtail @edzerzart @thesoftmuseum and OXDX.
This event is in collaboration with @beyondbuckskin , I have no doubt it will be amazing!
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Our Teal Blended Kiowa Tanks are restocked and back online! Seen here worn by the gorgeous @est.19ninetyfour
Grab yours today.
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